CBT and Psychological Therapy in
West Yorkshire

Are you finding it difficult to manage anxiety, depression, symptoms of trauma or physical health problems?  Are you finding it difficult to know which therapist, or therapy, to choose? Would you like to work with a therapist to live more of the life you want than the one you have? Have you struggled to access talking therapy in the past?

We are clinical psychologists specialising in the treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma (in both adults and children) and adjustment to physical health conditions such as persistent pain.  We help equip people with the tools to manage the difficult emotions we face as humans and live the life we want.  We have helped hundreds of people find the right techniques and tools for them, sometimes even after they thought therapy couldn’t help them.

Getting started is easy.  Simply call us or message us for a brief conversation about whether we are the right service to help you.  We will then schedule an appointment in the near future (on average, within the week).  Most of our clients access therapy for an average of 6-12 sessions.

Difficulties with low mood, depression, or anxiety problems such as worrying all the time, obsessive compulsive disorder, difficulties with stress or panic are very common. Often people have never been shown the tools they can use to help them manage these difficult emotions.
If you have experienced a traumatic incident, or series of incidents, those experiences may continue to affect you physically, emotionally and socially long after they occur. We use evidence based therapies such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) to enable people to file those difficult memories away so that they no longer create intense and unexpected emotional distress.

Chronic pain and other persistent health problems can be very difficult to live alongside. People often ask how clinical psychologists can help individuals manage a problem that is physical and/or incurable. Together, we work with people to find a shared understanding of how your physical difficulties affect your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We consider how self critical beliefs might prevent you making changes and help you develop tools to overcome these.

What we offer

We are small, independent clinical psychology practice offering a warm and individualised approach. We help people with depression and low mood and difficulties with stress, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, complex trauma, relationship traumas and helping people adjust to difficulties with health conditions including chronic pain.

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Victoria Therapy Centre, 22 Victoria Rd, Saltaire, Shipley BD18 3LQ

Bethel Hall, Morton Lane, East Morton, Keighley BD20 5UE


"I would just like to say how happy I am that I was recommended Romy for treatment. She was very empathetic and understanding. Romy helped me confront difficult emotions, whilst still feeling supported and reassured. I cant thank Romy enough."
"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Romy to others. Her insight and guidance has made a very positive difference to my everyday life. I now feel much more able to tackle issues which I once would have struggled with."
"Sam, I can't thank you enough for getting me through these last couple of months. I've finally had a taste of the 'old me' back and I'm excited to work on what you've taught me"
"Thank you for helping me over the last few months. I'll miss our sessions but I'm feeling a lot more confident and positive about what I was struggling with"

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    Victoria Therapy Centre, 22 Victoria Rd, Saltaire, Shipley BD18 3LQ

    Bethel Hall, Morton Lane, East Morton, Keighley  BD20 5UE


    We know it can feel impossible to find the right help. We are chartered psychologists with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and have helped hundreds of people just like you in the past.

    We are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, having attained the highest levels of training within Clinical Psychology. We aim to uphold professional and ethical values of respect, competence, responsibility and integrity.